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  A dedicated team within Expertise France

A dedicated team within Expertise France

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Since January 2015, L'Initiative's strategic direction and secretariat operations have been managed by a dedicated team within the health department of Expertise France, the country's public agency for international technical cooperation.

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Our growing team within the Expertise France's health department
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L'Initiative's team has been strengthened to prepare for the scheme being scaled up.

It currently comprises:

  • A technical Director of the Health Department, major pandemics, who is the coordinator of L'Initiative.
  • Three technical coordinators who each manage a team composed of two project managers and a project assistant.
  • Cross-cutting roles: an administration and finance coordinator, a communication team, monitoring and evaluation officers and a learning officer
  • Support from the technical and crosscutting support division of the health department, made up of internal experts in medicine and pharmacy, training design and public health.
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Edito Directeur Technique L'Initiative

"Accelerating the diseases'decline, there where the challendes are greatest"

Eric Fleutelot, Technical Director of the major pandemics division

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Directeur du Département Santé d'Expertise France

" Expertise France’s Health Department works to reinforce its partners’ capacities"

Antoine Peigney, Director of the Health Department at Expertise France

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Engagement of Expertise France's health department in the implementation of the French strategy
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As an operator of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Expertise France is responsible for implementing the French strategy for global health. In this context, the Expertise France's health department develops and implements projects that aim to:

  • Strengthen health systems
  • Contribute to international health security
  • Promote the health of populations
  • Provide French and French-speaking expertise.

At the end of 2019, Expertise France's health department had worked in 15 countries, with a team present on the ground in 10 of them. It relies on 66 collaborators in the field.

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Expertise France - a key player in French development policy
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With a volume of work worth 127 million Euros for 63,000 days of expertise and more than 400 projects in 80 countries, Expertise France's work reflects France's policy of solidarity, influence and economic diplomacy. The agency acts under the joint supervision of the ministries in charge of foreign affairs and the economy.

Expertise France develops and implements assignments to build capacity, mobilizes technical expertise and plays a role as a project manager combining public expertise and private know-how. It meets the growing needs of developing and emerging countries and divides its work into four priority areas:

  • Democratic, economic and financial governance
  • Security and stability of countries in crisis and post-crisis situations
  • Sustainable development
  • Strengthening health, social protection and employment systems.

In order to continue efforts to streamline the French cooperation landscape, the Prime Minister and the CICID (Interministerial Committee for International Cooperation and Development) decided on February 8, 2018 to proceed with the “integration of Expertise France into the wider AFD Group.” This improved coherence of France's cooperation mechanism will make it possible to improve the development, support and therefore the quality and impact of the projects and policies that France funds. This move to integrate should be finalized in 2020.

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Directeur Général d'Expertise France

" Expertise France, front and center in the battle against the three pandemics. "

Jérémie Pellet, Chief Executive Officer of Expertise France