Care and treatments for people who use drugs

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People who use drugs are one of the most stigmatised and marginalised population groups. The situation is even more difficult for young people and women who use drugs with the result that they are often under-represented on harm reduction programmes, as well as in HIV prevention, testing and treatment services. Moreover, existing interventions, such as needle and syringe exchange programmes and opiate substitution treatment, do not address the needs of people who use non-injecting or inhaled drugs. These new drug consumption practices are causing particular concern, as they are often found among population categories with insufficient access to care and treatment.

In this context, Expertise France is financing or implementing long-term projects and supporting organisations that seek to assist these people and address the challenges of new consumption practices, such as the inhaling of drugs like crack and heroin, notably in West Africa, or the use of synthetic substances, frequent among young people in South-East Asia.

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